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[ecwid widgets=”productbrowser minicart” categories_per_row=”3″ grid=”3,3″ list=”10″ table=”20″ default_category_id=”0″ category_view=”grid” search_view=”list” minicart_layout=”attachToCategories”]ASTM Specimen Dies are used to test the tensile strength of materials prior to being used in mass production situations. These dies must be made to the highest tolerances to ensure proper testing can be accomplished. We have an extensive knowledge of these dies and can help your company’s testing process run smoothly with our legendary quality and unmatched pricing. Call or Email ACE to learn more about how we can satisfy your ASTM die requirements.

astm specimen dies

ASTM Specimen Dies

  • D 412-A

  • D 412-B 

  • D 412-C 

  • D 412-D 

  • D 412-E 

  • D 412-F 

  • D-412-R 

  • D 638 Type I 

  • D 638 Type II 

  • D 638 Type III 

  • D 638 Type IV 

  • D 638 Type V

  • Specimen Cutting Dies

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ASTM Specimen Dies | Ace Steel Rule Dies